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Fleet Management

Managing a fleet is quite demanding and requires high professionalism, combined with cutting-edge equipment. Web tracking allows you to interact for the security issues, with operating room managed by Rangers, another company of the Battistolli Group, as Satelicom, operating 24 hours a day every day of the year, covering any criminal event, and represents an essential element in fleet management, preserving its integrity as much as possible or trying to minimize risks and damage.

Furthermore, the customer can also benefit from the SatelicomWeb service every day, keeping his/her fleet under control, via the web, in order to optimize its each and every move throughout the country. In fact, with SatelicomWeb you can view a single vehicle, part of/the entire fleet with a simple click, at any time and from any device thanks to Satelicom.mobi, available for IPhone and Android. Thanks to these applications, the customer can also investigate the activities of his/her own fleet in order to optimize their use and obtain complete data through simple and user-friendly reports, recorded every time the vehicle moves. These features offer accurate economic analyses on the activity, which can be consulted rapidly and safely.

Control System by Satelicom

A system created and developed over time to ensure maximum security for people and vehicles moving throughout Italy and Europe. Among the strong points of this system, adopted by leading companies operating in the world of transportation, are the tracking of vehicles and the international nature of the service, thanks to Satelicom's exclusive membership in Italy with the operational circuit, Eurowatch, which control 98% of Europe, and the security network, guaranteed by a real-time monitoring procedure of the state of the event. Customizing the service with over 100 models made to date, combined with unique reliability and flexibility, complete Satelicom's offer through its Control System.

Satelicom control system


Loc-Me is an essential tool to guarantee your personal security. It essentially consists of a tracker that provides the position of a person in real time allowing him/her to request assistance in case of need. In addition to indicating the person's position, Loc-Me stores and transmits it to the control headquarters' software via a GPRS connection.

Loc-Me also allows you to make voice calls to predefined numbers even through a headset and in handsfree mode. This device detects if a person falls down or performs abnormal movements, thus automatically triggering an alarm.

This device implements all the features required to cover the needs of use such as, for example, geofencing technology, route, waypoint and speed control, and allows a high degree of customization. Thanks to a number of parameters, the user can optimally manage his/her own device. Loc-Me is especially suitable for:

  • Personal security, assistance to children, elderly and disabled people
  • Security of transported goods or workers operating in isolated areas
  • Presence detection
  • Security for people who play sports