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Our History

Satelicom, a company of the Battistolli Group, was established in 1999 to address the need to monitor the routes driven by all the Group's vehicles engaged in transporting valuables and surveillance services.

The company's philosophy was based on the idea of applying satellite radiolocation to security, with results that today allow it to serve many companies, operating throughout this country, with their own vehicles and to which Satelicom guarantees full control, 365 days a year, 24/7.

Since its founding, Satelicom established itself on the Italian market as one of the most advanced and dynamic companies in the sector, focusing on security features that satellite monitoring can provide.

A continuous growth that, thanks to Satelicom's innovative vocation and high-level know-how characterizing the company, has allowed it to be the only company in Italy to provide an international service through the Eurowatch, network, which has chosen our company as exclusive partner on the Italian territory.

Our Philosophy

Satelicom's goal is to implement top quality management systems for all companies that, operating in the field of road transport in Italy and abroad, require very high security standards for their vehicles.

Service reliability, flexibility and customization are Satelicom's essential conditions to offer everyone top level service, ensuring risk reduction as close as possible to zero every day of the year.

Our Team

Our team is made up of young and brilliant IT and engineering experts who have fully embraced the company's philosophy, providing Satelicom with diverse and integrated professional skills.

The result is teamwork, meaning that each project is supported by the various departments, the contents of which are enhanced as they transit from one sector to the next, until very important goals are achieved.

To date, over 100 different product/service configurations have been developed, through customizations requested by customers, each with their own special needs and requirements, because security is not made of standard solutions but rather solutions that meet risk analyses so that the risk itself is aimed as close as possible to zero.