Clarifications concerning some sanctions provided for by the current traffic laws

Satelicom Staff
Jun 4, 2018

Lately, some transport companies, asked about clarifications regarding the interpretation of Art. 202, recently amended.

This Art. concerns the immediate payment by hand of certain sanctions provided by the current Highway Code, with particular reference to violations regarding the Art. 174 (Highway Code – “driving times and rest periods not respected for more then 10%”).

If the driver (and the Company) assumes that the penalty it’s not accurate and decides to proceed to judical redress, he does not have to pay the amount requested (in the case of immediate payment is 30% discount), but the amount paid by hand must result, in the challenged report, as the sum deposited.

It means that if you pay the penalty with 30% discount (as required by law), you can no longer bring an action, because it rapresents admission of guilt.