Satelicom Staff
Sep 29, 2018

Con il parere del 28 Giugno il Garante ha colto l’occasione per specificare, in concreto, che cosa significa la regola astratta della “privacy by design e by default” (articolo 25 del Regolamento UE) per i sistemi di radiolocalizzazione.

Il Regolamento...

Satelicom Staff
Sep 10, 2018

From the 2017 Report of the Italian Data Protection Authority stand out a particular interpretation regarding the traceability of business smartphone, also lecit without the employee permission, but in the presence of some guarantees for workers and...

Satelicom Staff
Jun 21, 2018

We bring to your attention a recent Ministerial Circular that modifies the art. 180 Highway Code. In the said text, it’s established that also trailers and semi-trailers, as is already the case for road tractors namely power heads, may benefit from...

Satelicom Staff
Jun 4, 2018

Lately, some transport companies, asked about clarifications regarding the interpretation of Art. 202, recently amended.

This Art. concerns the immediate payment by hand of certain sanctions provided by the current Highway Code, with particular...

Satelicom Staff
Apr 5, 2018

In the Official Gazette n. 70 of March 24, u.s. the law of March 23rd 2016, n. 41 on "Introduction of the crime of road killing and the offense of personal road injury, as well as provisions for coordination with Legislative Decree 30 April 1992, No...

Satelicom Staff
Jan 4, 2017

A brand new look for Satelicom! Our IT deparment released the new Satelicom site for a smoother and mobile-friendly navigation.

This is the first step. The first release of the new Satelicom Web App is around the corner! Thanks to our customers' requests...